Art Curation

"If there were a cultural famine, what would we secure for the future? It could be an artifact that is classical or demotic, modern or contemporary. It could be an endangered language, a story or a song, a recipe, a quilt, an extinct seed variety, a technical manual, or the Constitution."
An excerpt from ‘Once Upon a Cultural Famine: A Curatorial Thought Experiment
by Nancy Adjania

Varnan is a firm believer that it is the memories in the shape of stories that last with us forever. Traveling across the world, meeting new people, getting to know their stories, and narrating them to you, but is there more to Varnan, than just creating documentaries? 

Film Makers to Art Curators?

Our readers are well aware of Varnan embodying the role of a storyteller and by virtue producing great documentaries and films. Although this is V’s forte but where lies the solace? As a part of various film projects, the storytellers had a chance to travel to distant parts of India, and thereby interact with the local artisans, musicians, and independent artists who are committed to keeping their art alive in this fast-paced era of digitization. Their heart-touching stories and their immensely compelling talent raised a whirlwind of emotions within Varnan, which made us realize that Art to relish is either available to rural artists or the urban superstars. That is when V decided to bring them all together and bridge the gap to absolve hierarchies and moreover, create a niche for independent artists in the monopoly of industry music artists. 

One of the key objectives and more of a sense of responsibility on the part of Varnan is making art accessible for people irrespective of their socioeconomic background. One thing that unites everybody is Art and Varnan believes in making memories, and narrating stories together! By bringing art closer to the people, the initiatives undertaken by the state or the central government, and NGOs for the recognition and upliftment of local artists ensure that art becomes a part of everyday life, stimulating dialogue, and fostering cultural exchange.

One needs to communicate with artists in their own way! That is how Varnan curates experience as well in the form of home concerts, cultural festivals, music festivals, independent artist management, etc. V knows that every art form, be it performative or visual, is an unparalleled way of telling the story of life through a different lens; will your story be the next we tell?