Film Production House

In the ever-evolving universe of film production, where stories compete for attention and audiences demand authenticity, Varnan stands out. Varnan, film production house in Delhi NCR, is your complete film production partner, bringing your vision to life with powerful documentaries, captivating corporate videos, and stunning animation.We don’t just make films, we craft stories that make a difference.

Our Offerings at Film Production House

Documentaries film Production

At Varnan, documentary filmmaking in Delhi NCR isn’t about dusty archives. It’s about deep dives into real-world issues, sparking conversation and igniting change. We craft documentaries that grip your heart and empower action, tackling social justice issues, environmental threats, or untold historical narratives. Ranging from Expository contemporary but controversial issues like “drug abuse” to Observational regional case studies, and Participatory advertisement films, Varnan will cull out the best representative version of the story which will not only be appealing but will leave a mark on the mind of the audience. So much so that they will come back and ask “ the way, who made this documentary you said?”

Corporate Video Production

Forget snooze-worthy presentations. Varnan crafts corporate videos that sizzle with creativity and captivate your audience. Whether you want to explain your product, showcase your brand story, or attract top talent, we create videos that resonate and drive results.

Though there are a host of corporate filmmakers in the Delhi NCR region who claim to bring the best to the table, Varnan does it through action. Varnan’s prime focus on the tonality, authorial intent, and the result-oriented approach are what make all the difference. If Varnan deems it necessary that a futuristic 3D world has the potential to convey the message in an effective manner, Varnan will create the future world using post-production editing! Like it did when Varnan joined hands with Chhattisgarh Food Corporation for a corporate film. That’s how Varnan ensures that you get only the best of the best!

Animation Video Production

Curious how animation can elevate your brand? Look no further than Varnan! We bring your ideas to life with stunning 2D and 3D animated video production, perfect for explainer videos, product launches, or captivating marketing campaigns. Imagine turning complex concepts into engaging visuals, showcasing your product in stunning detail, or creating an unforgettable brand experience. That’s the magic of animation at Varnan.

2D Animation Videos

animation in computer editing

2D animation has changed the concept of video making to turn it into an effective way of delivering a message. No wonder why the world is deploying this tool to reach out to the masses. For Varnan a walking-talking human-like character is more relatable than mere images. Not every Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animation Video, or Character Animation Video can talk. For them to stand out among a host of other 2D animation videos, Varnan deploys a pro strategy.

3D Animation Videos

Varnan believes that the world of 3D animation is a parallel world in itself which if manipulated meticulously, can result in wonders. It is a world with limitless possibilities yet to be explored and of course, with immense scope for growth. That is why venturing into this world is as amazing as it is difficult. But not for Varnan! We have the master key to this world and the elixir which will make you shine like no other! The right skill coupled with cutting-edge technology backend software and apt conceptualization – is the recipe of our elixir.

Explainer Video Production

Short on time? Big on impact? Varnan’s animated explainer videos are your secret weapon. We turn complex ideas into compelling stories that educate, inform and inspire action. Imagine: crystal-clear images that convey bold shapes, engaging content that highlights the benefits of your products, and viewers who catch on to your message, creating conversion and brand trust is great – all at a fast pace. That’s the power of explainer videos. Let’s turn your complex concoctions into exciting stories ignited by the results. Interactive Presentation today!

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