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Examining Corporate Films' Evolution: Insights from Industry Experts

What came first, the chicken or the egg? While this question must have puzzled you for ages, we have an upbeat question for you, i.e., Do Corporate Filmmakers follow the latest trends or are they trendsetters? This might not be a very difficult question to answer depending upon the perspective but hear us out, as an industry expert and a veteran in the field of producing cutting-edge corporate films as the best possible communication tool for big businesses, giants, and even startups, Varnan Films can vouch for the fact that producing corporate films is a challenging as well as exciting project. And which filmmaking company doesn’t love a challenging project?

When V says challenging we mean that the entire team must be absolutely sure and fully aware of the kind of communication being presented to the audience, especially in terms of format, tone, visual elements, etc., and by exciting V obviously means the learnings, research and the entire adrenaline of trying out something new! Corporate films as a genre work very well for an adept filmmaking company like Varnan as they pose dynamic challenges and offer scope for experimentation. Trust us when we say that our experts have witnessed it all, seen the genre evolve through the ages, and how we, as a team have updated ourselves to fit the trend. Here are some expert insights.

The Choice of Subject

As a team of (expert) storytellers, it is the choice of the subject and the consideration of the most relevant point of view that matters the most. It serves as an entry point into the entire project. As storytellers, emotions, and humans come together to create a film, be it a documentary or a corporate one. Emotions can’t be compartmentalized to just grave, serious, funny, and hilarious mostly represented by documentaries which is again a generalization. What about passion, motivation, and excitement that drive us towards our goals? Aren’t these emotions? Although, the boundaries are never too stringent, what differentiates them all is the way that the story is narrated and visualised. To understand the position better, let us have a look at the process of corporate communication.

The Definitive Process of Corporate Communication

Understanding our Client’s POV: One might take it lightly thinking what’s the big deal in producing a corporate film ha? Short and precise script, some stock footage, video footage shooting or at the max animation, some editing and compilation, and boom, your corporate video is ready! Well, well, only if it were even close to this. 

As an industry expert, Varnan never compromises on the first step, which is research! Understanding the client’s perspective, their communication strategy, the target group of the video, key idea and purpose of the video, etc. Because if the TG remains clueless, the entire purpose of the film is defeated.

Different Clients, Different Demands: Once the perspective of the client is mapped, the next big step is understanding the sector to which our client’s business belongs. Having worked with a myriad of clients across industries like healthcare, education, automobile, microfinance, etc. one facet that surfaces crystal clear is that the filmmaker needs to amalgamate the communication with the purpose.

Film is a Solution: The entire process, starting from research to script to delivery of the film should be viewed as a solution, holistically! If we consider this angle, a lot of the process becomes easy. For example, if an automobile company as our client approaches Varnan Films to create a film on the usage of engine oil for enhanced performance of the vehicle, should the film be funky, quirky, upbeat, or mature, solemn, and simple? We believe that you picked the second option. It is these little factors that make a world of difference and only an expert can incorporate the worldview of crafting a solution not only for the clients but for the target group as well.

What is a Film Without Branding: Every film is intrinsically a part of the overall branding and communication plan of the client’s business, isn’t it? Hence, keeping this aspect in mind from the very beginning will prove to be beneficial for both the parties involved, but a lot of times agencies tend to miss out on the “branding” aspect. For them, it is just the addition of logos, following the color palette and/or the font. But the holistic communication spans way beyond than just this. It’s about how the corporate office space should be, what and how the teammates communicate their body language, the message being delivered and the reaction elicited from the TG, all of it and much more. 

Varnan Films’ multilateral approach and expertise in branding is also another reason behind a successfully glorious repertoire of more than a decade! Lovely, isn’t it?

The Delivery isn’t the End: One of the most definitive parts of corporate film production is the distribution which decides the personality type of the film. Varnan Film’s commitment doesn’t end with the delivery of the final product, rather Varnan experts also understand the different channels of distribution of the video. We may also assume the role of a consultant and suggest which marketing strategy would work best for the film. The shelf-life of the video is a determinant factor based on various distribution strategies. The orientation of the film will be based on factors like whether it will be released on social media platforms like YouTube, will be showcased at an event, or be handed over to exclusive distributors, the strategy would decide the fate of the film. And Varnan Films would in turn add to the library of knowledge. 

Corporate Film’s Evolution Through a Decade

Remember we were talking about the marketing strategy depending upon the distribution channels? The overwhelming partaking of social media in our lives has entirely revolutionized the way we think of corporate films now! 

Almost a decade before when the client used to approach Varnan Films for a corporate film, the entire process used to be simple and straightforward. The CEO, along with two or three board members used to discuss the idea, message, and obviously the financials. From then on, Varnan Films’ experts used to take things forward and deliver a 6-10 minute long, innovative, state-of-the-art, compelling film. Did something strike your attention?

No, not the adjectives defining how good at work we are! The time duration of the films. Would you watch a corporate film of that length in today’s time when our attention span has literally boiled down to milliseconds? No, right? 

Imagine the pressure on the corporate filmmakers and content creators who put a disclaimer of “watch till the end” even for a six-second video, saying it all within a few minutes and that too in an interestingly unique way for the corporate filmmakers is indeed challenging.

Corporate Films Aren’t a “Thing” Anymore!

No, don’t worry! We aren’t scaring you away with that subheading. What we are trying to convey here is that “corporate films” have revolutionized to become more than just a genre. “A corporate film in itself won’t solve any purpose if it isn’t part of a larger communication plan and this is probably the biggest change that this category has undergone in over a decade”, is what our CEO, Vernita Verma has to say. 

No more a company/business would invest a hefty sum of money in producing a corporate film that would solve a single purpose for occasional usage, let’s be real! But investing in a corporate film that would have an exciting trailer, a marketing plan, and high reusability, would make up for a good investment. We fit the film around the overarching communication plan which we’ll be happy to propose. More like Varnan Films saying that we are not just filmmakers or branding experts, we are communication solution providers! Impressed enough? Get in touch with our experts now.

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