stages of film production

Five Stages of Production

Even if you haven’t read Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, you must have watched an adaptation or read an inspirational work (although Inferno by Dan Brown has a different narrative altogether). But for the ones who aren’t aware of the plotline, here’s a short description. Inferno is basically Hell in Dante’s epic poem, along with Purgatorio or Earth and Paradiso, or Paradise/Heaven. The poem follows Dante’s journey through various stages of Hell (also called circles) to finally reach Paradise! It’s a journey of salvation and introspection and not to forget, a lot of adventure.

But what is the significance behind discussing Dante’s epic while the topic of discussion is stages of film production?

If you analyse closely, the significance is clear. If it isn’t, allow us to be the Virgil to your Dante. The major significance is the stages or circles which a film has to go through in order for it to be qualified as one. Starting from conceiving the idea to final distribution, the process is as exhaustive as childbirth! Whereas it’s a treat to watch the child grow, the initial process of deciding to bring the child to this face of the earth is like traversing through the circles of Inferno

Stages of Film Production

We shall be concentrating mainly on film production, but you must know that production is a generic term that is applicable to any audio-visual video that is ever produced to be qualified as one. Since the process of film production is really elaborate and exhaustive, it deserves a special mention. We know how hard the entire crew works! So, let’s begin:



This is usually considered the pre-planning stage. As the name suggests, there are a lot of things that need to be planned even before things are officially planned. The main aspect of this stage is the conceiving of the concept of the film. Followed by the first draft of the script. Depending upon the type of film you have decided upon (which is also involved in this step),this step may last from a few months to years altogether! Once you have a rough layout, then other technical as well financial aspects are to be taken care of. Although the proper planning will happen in the next step. 




This is the step where the actual planning begins! Commemorating with finalizing the script, then the budget! Setting the budget for the entire production process, music, make-up, props, editing software programs, cast and crew payments etc. and a lot more, isn’t a cakewalk. This is the step which will last until the last stage of the production, hence, spending a significant amount of time on this stage is necessary. Finalizing the shooting location is the fun part of this stage, then comes auditioning the actors for the role. Selection of film crew, cinematographer, director of photography should be a reliable team which should stick up till the last. Once your shooting schedule and the gears have been decided, you are all ready to roll the camera!


It is that phase which requires the practical implementation of the plan which was on papers until now! It’s the time when you roll your camera and start shooting! As much as it sounds fun, it is tiring as well. The role of the prop manager, the script supervisor, hair and make-up artists, production coordinator become of prime importance. Always keep a scope for adjustment because the reality can be very different from the expectations! When the cinematographer has captured the detailed shooting, the graphic and sound editor’s responsibility begins. They wind up the day’s task by selecting the best shots and aligning them in a cue for the next phase of assimilation and compilation.



This is the assembly and editing phase. All the audio and visuals which were shot/recorded in the previous step are now edited and mixed together to create what qualifies as a film. All this while we were joining the bones to create a skeleton system for our film! Now comes the putting the skin and other organs to make it alive! For this, background music, visual effects etc. are incorporated to make it appear visually appealing and tantalizing. The advancement in technology nowadays, has brought with it elaborate post-production elements, especially when it comes to animation films or feature films. Varnan deployed an elaborate post-production technique like 3D animation, special effects to depict the futuristic aspect of Chhattisgarh Food Corporation Project. 




This stage marks the culmination of the various stages of film production in totality. In this step, the edited film is handed over to the distributors or the clients etc. All the commitments to the investors and other stakeholders must be resolved by this stage. The highlight of this step is the marketing and promotional activity of the film on various platforms, be it through the crew’s interview or social media. The film is now ready for the audience to watch and the critiques to dissect!


These stages were the basic phases through which a film has to go in order for it to qualify as a full-fledged production film. Some stages last till the end like the budget of the pre-production, while others have their special highlights! But whatever it may be, these stages of film production are mandatory for each film to cross, to attain the road of Paradiso. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs on interesting topics, which is sure to tickle your sensations!!

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