Letter from Me to You

Hey you,

When my team asked me to write something for Women’s Day, I thought about crafting a message that was encouraging, progressive, and motivating for all the young girls who look up to me in some way.

And then I paused. Do I really want these amazing individuals to aspire to be like me? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty awesome, but what I truly believe is this: each of you reading this has the potential to be a different awesome… the unadulterated awesome…. Why should anyone strive to be anything other than themselves? Unapologetically.

Each day presents an opportunity to embrace a new version of yourself. We don’t even need to be like our yesterday selves.

So, on this Women’s Day, let’s celebrate being just a woman. Let’s not glamorize the idea of being a progressive woman or insist on being an achiever. Let’s not pretend to be happy if we’re not, or force ourselves to feel motivated to chase after someone else’s dream.

All I wish for every woman today is to be true to themselves. It’s perfectly okay if you’re not as ambitious as your friend. It makes no difference if you’re not a superwoman (Trust me, no one is, we are all WOMEN). Why do we place such unrealistic standards on women all the time? It’s ridiculous.
Unfortunately, until a woman is seen as a multitasker or an all-rounder, we often fail to celebrate her.

But today,
I want to cheer for every woman who is tired, unmotivated, not a perfect homemaker, or doesn’t know how to style her hair perfectly. And is still playing her role religiously.
I want to celebrate the woman who struggles to ask for her favorite flavor of ice cream or misses her old school friend and can’t meet her.
I want to celebrate the woman who is struggling to have a baby and the one who doesn’t want to have a baby; also the one who is struggling to raise one.
I want to celebrate anyone who feels invisible to the world simply because they’re not deemed “extraordinary” (whatever that even means).

As a woman who lives with the burden of these labels in some way, As someone who also sometimes find it tough to take a break, let me tell you: In my world, you are fabulous without any report card. Enjoy being this fabulous you. Celebrate yourself with me.

Cheers to us!

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