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Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes During Brand Marketing

Talking about the internet in the 21st century is like talking about a necessity for uncomplicated survival! With a platform so vast and important, it is rare to stumble across a business that never tried to or wants to try to market its brand online. Mind you, it is not impossible! However, it does not negate the fact that digital marketing is a vital tool to bring your business to people’s attention. It is a tool that holds enough power to make a business if done right and break a business if done wrong. Since you are here reading this blog, we can only guess that you do not want the latter to happen, and hence we are here to help you avoid a few digital marketing mistakes- obvious and obscure! Ready to know what these mistakes are?

Not Paying Attention to Website Traffic Conversion to Sales

Website traffic is a crucial determinant of a company’s performance. When people enter a website that is selling any kind of product, the factor that makes them stay is them finding what they are looking for, that too without putting a lot of effort. Out of the total number of people visiting a website, only 20% of them actually avail a service or try to connect!

This happens because companies make attracting a large audience towards their website a priority, without analyzing the merit that their services offer to the customer. Making a product do the talking is one way to use digital marketing, both for increasing the website traffic and making use of that website traffic to actually sell a product! 

Digital marketing is an important process of brand marketing

Using Social Media for Nothing but Promotion

The power of social media is a topic that you would have come across quite often, right? When you really love a brand, you usually follow, like, or keep up with it on your preferred social media platform. Most people do it because they like getting familiar with that brand’s vision, perspective, back story, future plans, marketing strategies, offers, and more of the same. When a brand only uses its social media to promote itself, its audience stops relating to it because social media is an interactive platform and not a one-way street! It is extremely important for a brand to involve its customers through its content so that both the brand and the customers can learn more from and about each other!

Making the Customers Do the Unwanted

One of the most common mistakes that a brand makes is pushing their prospects over the edge. When a customer visits a website, they do not owe your website a commitment. All kinds of customers can visit your website, even the ones who came across it just to check the website layout. So, when a website starts asking a customer for their personal details while they are browsing, they are inclined towards closing the tab and most of them do too! For this very reason, every website should be made guest and returning customer-friendly to avoid losing any potential sales! 

With millions of businesses online, it is unrealistic to expect a brand to reach out to new customers without advertising it using paid campaigns. Did you know that according to almost 96% of social media managers, facebook gives the most perfect return on investment? Paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Google, are relatively easy to set up and help to be visible to a customer base that would otherwise be difficult to reach! 

Focusing on the Product More Than the Audience

None of these two factors have to be chosen over one another; it is imperative that they go hand in hand. Every brand has a target audience and it should resonate with the brand. For example, a brand that sells diapers has a target audience of parents, so it should make its digital marketing campaign sing for them, by using catchphrases, slogans, logos, colors, and ads that could catch any parent’s eye. Focusing only on what the diaper can do, its constituents, and what sets it apart is equally important but maintaining harmony is foremost!


Choosing Quantity Over Quality

One thing that customers will always expect from a brand, no matter what kind, is superior quality. A good quality positively affects the customer influx, and bad quality negatively impacts it. A significant number of companies focus on increasing the amount of content they produce in a day but unknowingly end up ignoring the quality of content and whether it actually provides any useful, distinct information to the audience. If a person is spending their valuable time reading your content, there is a fair chance that they will not return if the content did not add any value to their life! Meaning, it is always better to spend ten hours on one article than spending one hour on ten! 

Trying to Keep One Pair of Legs in Multiple Boats

In today’s date there are hundreds of tools to make our life easy, but using all these tools will make your life exactly opposite to easy and confuse your audience! For instance, KFC, instead of using a big budget or sophisticated digital marketing tools, followed the six Spice Girls (a famous band) and Five Guys named ‘Herb’ to promote their fried chicken that came with a blend of 11 herbs and spices! This discrete move gained immense online traction for KFC and got people talking about its campaign for days after it was over! If KFC had used 10 social media platforms to convey this, with a different mood for each platform, then their audience would have different perceptions of what KFC wants to serve and a greater chance of disappointment! 

Finding the right message for the users of a particular platform is inseparable from good brand marketing!

Brand marketing and digital marketing both are detail-oriented procedures

Forgetting to Integrate the Sales and Marketing Goal

It is a proven fact that for a company, almost 75% of leads never materialize into sales. An effective sales pitch is important while marketing and branding for a company and vice and versa. You can call the two processes each others’ soulmates! Part the two processes and there will be a heartbreak in the results! 

Digital marketing is a fun yet exhaustive process. The number of permutations and combinations of tools you can use to achieve the results you desire is infinite. Consider the world your oyster when it comes to digital marketing! However, the internet is as unforgiving as it is giving. This is why it is always a good idea to keep the mistakes to a minimum and make the most of this amazing process, or if you are too busy to take care of such mistakes, we are always here to tell your story in your way! Stay tuned for more such upcoming blogs that enlighten and inform you! 


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